Benalla, Saturday 29th February at 9:30am


Saturday 29th February at 9:30am Gates Open at 8am

A/C- Benalla Towing Service

35 Lowens Lane, Benalla 3672

Items to be sold at 12 noon:

  • Early 50’s Chevrolet 1420 truck wooden tray (red, VIN: Chevi25, 39,383 miles, RHD Australian 6 Cyc Carby, ex reg GOY356)
  • 3/79 Kingswood HZ Ute (White, VIN: 8M80LJL44357Z, 344350kms, 6 Cylinder blue motor. Manual)
  • Mitsubishi Canter Tow truck (white, VIN:6F6H4A26DLA020175, 836819kms, Tilt slide tray with wheel lifter. 6 speed manual. Runs. Clutch is gone GVM 8,500)
  • Late 50’s Austin Westminster A95 Six Sedan (VIN: BS6-L0S-30172, 74968 miles, 6 Cylinder Manual).
  • 08/87 Ford Fairlane Sedan (Green, VIN: JH63HT31324C, 54676kms, 6 cyl fuel injected. Automatic. Electric dash. 1 owner. Very Low kms. Runs & drives


Vehicles/Trucks/Trailers/Forklift/Tractor/Motorbike: (Balance of sale to be sold from 9:30am)

  • 10/78 International Harvester Fire Truck (VIN: H02141, 94736kms, V8. pristine interior. Low kms. ex reg: rof000. runs, rear brakes locked on).
  • 02/85 Hino 4×4 fire truck (red, VIN: GT175K-10065, 37678kms, runs & drives. Very low kms, GVM:11000kg)
  • 05/93 Ford XG Panel Van (White) VIN: 6FPAAAJGCMPB90641, 137873kms, Ex Reg NUP777. 6 Cyl injected
  • 01/86 Ford XF Sedan (red, VIN: JG23GL79603, 428216kms, 6 cyl carby)
  • 02/81 Datsun 200b Sedan (VIN: NJ819-A9759, 96100kms, Engine: L20B058854A. Manual.)
  • 08/85 Ford Fairlane Sedan (Gold, VIN: JH63FG92104C, 119161kms, 6 cyl automatic. Electric dash. Fuel injected. Runs & drives
  • 11/87 Isuzu FSR wheel lift tow truck (white, VIN: JALFSR11FG3585568, 536123kms, L21 engine. LJ2 transmission. Manual. Runs & drives. Tare 4,220. Gross 9,300)
  • H25T Linde Forklift (red, VIN: 351E10130925, 10113hrs, Max height 4050. Back tilt 10 degrees. Forward tilt 5 degrees. Solid Tyres. Safe workload 1916kg. Runs but has knock)
  • Ambulance bodies (was on vs stretch ute)
  • 10/78 Suburban International D1310 Tow truck VIN: H02366, GVM 4,900kg. GCM 7,550kg 50552miles)
  • 10/74 International harvester D1710 Crane truck (VIN: D01864, 33233, GVW LBS 22,500. GCW LBS 38,500)
  • 05/88 burnt out Isuzu tray truck (VIN: FF177L-10262, GVM 13900kg).
  • 05/80 International harvester D1610 Crane truck (VIN: J04676, 128003kms, GVM 9.07tonne. Complete. V8)
  • 01/74 Dodge nationwide wheel lift tow truck (green/white, VIN: 4660-A-EA30, missing front axle 102381miles).
  • Dodge nationwide wheel lift tow truck (Green/white, 1/460-6 465, 28519miles, GVM 7484. GVW12500lbs. No interior. No bonnet no front tyres)
  • 07/79 International harvester D1211 tray truck (white, VIN: CL7AWSS68820G, cab tilted, no motor).
  • 09/71 International Harvester C1600 tray truck (yellow, VIN: ACC033194, 19478 miles, Ex reg ACK504. 6 cyl).
  • 03/78 Dodge 300 tray truck (VIN: D5N3580A/TH07-0367, GVM 4763kg. No bonnet)
  • 07/77 yellow tray truck (VIN: D5N4660J/HG06-0768, 147386kms, no guards or front axle GVW:7484kg)
  • 03/77 Dodge 650 (no tray, VIN: D3F638HA/HC04-0058, 87039kms, 361 heavy duty motor, gvw:12814kg)
  • 08/73 International Harvester Acco 1810a tray truck (VIN: C01081, 99034miles, no front tyres. GCW: 46000lbs
  • Hino burnt tray truck (no front wheels. Burnt. Ex reg DOT019)
  • International Harvester AB160 series tray truck (red, VIN: AB13654, 87356, no motor GVW19500LBS)
  • 09/74 Dodge wheel lift tow truck (VIN: D5N4680A/EI07, Gardiner towing. Gvm:7484kg. No motor. Mad max feature vehicle apparently
  • 06/82 Ford wheel lift tow truck (green/white, VIN: sgdfat-12915, 345581kms, tare 3370kg ex suburban manual
  • 05/85 Mazda T4100 c/cab (VIN: WE14T-600919, 407346kms GVM 7035kg, no motor, no front axle, no driver’s door, still retains wheel lift tow section).
  • Volvo burnt out car carrier (GVM 723FTI. ex DFN car carriers)
  • Bedford passenger bus (has upgraded Isuzu turbo motor, looks like the bus from Speed)
  • 05/75 Dodge 700 no tray (blue, VIN: D5N 7680A/FE06-0148, 658892kms, V8. 361 heavy duty motor).
  • 01/76 HJ Kingswood sedan (186 red motor. Ex reg FYM563. 242625kms)
  • 01/81 Ford BC Escort wagon (white/blue, VIN: CK50YJ 99674A1300, 60654kms, Ex reg BTT555. 5 speed manual)
  • 10/79 Toyota Corona 2000 lift back (blue)
  • Ford Cortina Sedan (white)
  • 01/82 Ford Trader white tray truck (VIN: SGDFYD11381, 76688kms, had water tank in back, runs & drives
  • Fire trailer 4-wheel tank (red)
  • car tilt trailer (white, VIN: 87/1135/19, has tilt function)
  • 01/85 Hino 4×2 fire truck (red, VIN: FF172K-10689, 52742kms, runs & drives. Very low kms. 4×2 GVM 13900kg)
  • D1410 fire truck (red, back axle missing)
  • 1983? Leyland 285 tractor (blue, VIN: 285N213426, LHS engine mount needs replacing. was driven in).
  • 08/73 Bedford forklift/truck (yellow, VIN: EFM3BC738063, ex reg NUP557, 49551miles)
  • 11/76 Dodge Truck (no tray, white/red, VIN: D5N4790A/GK09-0222, 224683kms, GVW 7484kg. V8. Manual).
  • 03/85 Ford box truck (white, VIN: SGDGFU-Z7166, GVM 5715kg. No motor or gearbox. Ex reg: NSK221)
  • 01/85 Mazda T4100 box truck (VIN: WE14T-600887, GVM 7035kg. R&A furniture removalists on side).
  • Suzuki CS125 motorbike (VIN: F402-109584, 14029kms, ex reg TH982. Auto)
  • HJ Kingswood sedan (gold, VIN: 8N69MFL334144J, 242626kms, ex reg FYN563. missing coil & rear seat)
  • Ford F600 tray truck (red, 180223miles, Complete, V8, manual, gas, no identification plates)
  • 06/73 Dodge 600 tray truck (blue, ID: 6980-A-D126 0061, 73321kms, on gas, V8)
  • 12/95 Dodge 500 red truck no tray, VIN: D5N5760J/FL15-0252, 59420kms, 6 cyl, low kms).
  • 1965 Vauxhall Coupe (blue, VIN: HAD145-5365, 63223miles, low kms, 4 cyl, manual)
  • 02/76 Inter D1410 truck (red, no tray, VIN: E02308, 903477kms, No brakes)
  • 08/80 Ford XD falcon Sedan (VIN: JG32XE18297C, No Odometer, Missing rear wheels, dash cluster and has aftermarket driving lights installed in grill).
  • 03/91 FSM (Fiat) Niki 600 Sedan (VIN: SUF126A0009566939, 162986kms, complete minus left mirror).
  • 02/72 International D1600 fire truck (VIN: A35383, 11472miles, 6 cyl, manual),
  • 05/78 International D1310 tray truck (ID: C03680, GCW 7550kg)
  • Hyster 0193 Forklift (yellow, ID: H137038- 26814, no brakes, runs, has knock)
  • Austin Westminster A95 Six (74968 miles, 6 cyl, manual, VIN: BS6-L0S-30172, built late 50’s)

Parts/Sundries: 4 new front mudguards for Dodge truck, Winch (new in box), Old Tow truck crane, Dodge parts, HV water pump, Austin Westminster A95 Six (74968 miles, 6 cyl, manual, VIN: BS6-L0S-30172, built late 50’s), Quantity of Leyland parts, Quantity of Dodge parts, Quantity of Harvester International parts, wheel alignment equipment, wheel balancer , 22″ Holden Rodeo wheels/tyres,

This is only a preliminary list of parts & sundries. A more detailed list will be available early in 2020

Terms: The vendors are making room for new ventures. All goods are for genuine sale. GST sale,

Cash or EFTPOS only unless prior arrangements have been made with the agents (1% merchant fee on credit card payments), ID required, Number system.

Lifting will only be available for the cars not the trucks.

All inspections through the agent.

Please be mindful that the vendors are running a business. No prior offers will be accepted

Directions: Take Sydney Rd past the Benalla Holiday Park heading north east. Turn onto Lowens Lne. Follow signs

Contact: Paul Durden 0409 563 671 Chelsea McKay 0418 371 622

Kevin Hicks Real Estate

35 Lowens Lane, Benalla

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Paul Durden: 0409 563 671

Chelsea McKay: 0418 371 622

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