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KHRE is the only real estate agency in the Goulburn Valley, with a full time, dedicated and specialised Clearing Sale Department and have built a reputation as one of the most respected and experienced teams throughout regional Victoria.

We have experience conducting sales of extensive farm machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, timber, production equipment, household items and collectables. Each sale is conducted to comply with clearing sale OH&S requirements.

The Clearing Sales Team consists of several Auctioneers (with a combined total of 100 years’ experience!), two very experienced Licensed Plant & Machinery Valuers and are supported by a bank of efficient, friendly and knowledgeable sales, booking and office staff.

Kevin Hicks Real Estate is a local company that prides themselves on being a down to earth & friendly agency that value their clients, their respect & partnership as much as their business.

“Customer satisfaction is everything”

From initial inquiry to the final settlement you will be serviced by a dedicated team of:

  • Auctioneers (with a combined total of 100 years’ experience)
  • Licensed Plant & Machinery Valuers (With some 45 years’ experience)
  • Clearing Sale support staff & booking staff
  • Efficient & friendly office staff

From initial inspection of a sale, to advertising through various local and online media, we work with vendors to prepare their items for sale and progress on sale day to our mobile registration office we ensure well attended and successful sales.

All complex issues must be addressed & discussed. These include-

  • Occupational Health & Safety Requirements (Eg. parking on the road etc.)
  • Occupational Health & Safety Plant & Machinery requirements
  • Hazardous Chemical requirements
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Vehicle registration requirements (registered & unregistered)
  • Correct Clearing Sale documentation
  • Removal of buildings/plant & equipment from buildings
  • Transportation of vehicle & plant on public roads
  • Encumbrances
  • Toilets, catering & parking etc.

What sets us apart from the others-

  • We have a mobile & fully equipped office- complete with all necessary Clearing Sale documentation, registration transfer forms, clearing sale & parking signage, flags & public address systems etc.
  • We have a ‘Regular Buyer’ system that has 330 pre-registered buyers who follow our sales (approx. 40 would attend each sale)
  • Approx. 1500 buyers receive emailed information on our upcoming Clearing Sales from as far as Hong Kong & New Zealand, (this number grows after every sale). Additional mail outs can be filtered to a select group of contacts if felt necessary.
  • Brochures on upcoming clearing sales are put on our website and reaches a wide range of people.
  • Brochures are also on display in our mobile office at Clearing Sales prior to the date.
  • Two office staff at most sales to provide a faster & more efficient service to buyers.
  • We supply all staff at no additional cost to the Vendor.
  • In the days preceding the sale we are on one hour stand by to assist with last minute setting up or to help with any concerns.
  • Our Clearing Sales team is made up of locals who know the area & people who have a wealth of knowledge & enthusiasm for their work which results in customer satisfaction.

So if you are considering a Clearing Sale, your first and only choice should be

Kevin Hicks Real Estate

“The Clearing Sales Specialists”

Please contact our Clearing Sale Co-Coordinators with any queries.

Chelsea McKay 0418 371 622    Paul Durden 0409 563 671


Clearing Sales Manager
Chelsea McKay: 0418 371 622


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